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POC - The most EFFICIENT WAY to share information with YOUR TEAM.

Our service makes nationwide group communications across mobile networks and broadband IP networks a reality. Push the button on your PTT phone and you can talk to your entire team instantly, in real time using the data bearer of your choice. "One Conversation. All Informed"


With a well tailored POC solution adapted to your organisation’s particular needs and working environment, you ensure your team can Know More, Do More . Push To Talk International’s comprehensive portfolio of technology has been designed to cover the exacting communications requirements of the professional user. Explore our portfolio to learn more

POC-IT Push to Talk allows you create private channels and groups to allow instant group communications without boundaries, to members of your private group.

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PTTI have identified suppliers and tested a huge range of handset & accessories suitable for every use, from covert in ear devices, Lapel Mics, to multi way chargers and carrying aids.

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The AVK 2 unit is aimed at companies that run fleets of vehicles who they wish to communicate with, track, offer Wi-Fi and offer Real time Passenger information to.

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PTTi understand that to offer professional systems it is necessary to plan and co-ordinate with third parties in order that your project is a success PTTi offers.

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PoC-IT Dispatcher allows users of POC to communicate, message, track and provide customer support services / management services from.

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PTTi offer Platform as a service (PAAS) this option is for larger companies, networks and overseas clients who may wish to use PTTi software hosted in the their own centers

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Push to Talk (PTTi) is an OMA PoC Standard service, delivered over the mobile networks of Vodafone, O2, Orange and T-Mobile. The service utilises the data bearer and requires a data enabled SIM Card or WiFi connection to work. The PTT device replaces the dedicated two way radio, it is now a high end mobile application on your business designed phone. Data networks are constantly improving and with many options of rugged devices coming to market, PTT is now the true converged service it was originally designed to be.

POC | Push To Talk


Established in 2007 Push to Talk International Limited is the largest supplier of Push to Talk services in the UK. With customers ranging from security teams, bus and transport companies, hospitals, retail chains, football stadiums and parking enforcement, we provide companies with instant group communications.

  • Communicate with your Team
  • Location of your Team
  • Send group Messages
  • Monitor Lone Workers
  • Add Presence & Visibility


PTTi are proud to serve many customers across a wide range of industries and geography. We have clients such as ISCAPE limited in the Bahamas using our PAAS system and UK clients such as Network warrington using our Bus communications systems and GHA Bus and Coach using RTI and our Wi-Fi system to provide FREE Wi-Fi to their customers.